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Wowza Media Server Review


Well that first thing you will think would be, what is this Wowza? It is a media server software company based in Evergreen, Colorado USA was founded in late 2005 by David Stubenvoll and Charlie Good when they saw a need to provide disruptive products to fill the gaps in the media server market. Wowza software has come with a huge bang in revolutionary cloud (internet) computing media server which has transformed the idea of streaming videos, pictures, photos and music over a network.

It is an award winning product “Wowza Media Server 3”which was introduced in last year in 2011 is streamlined software for giving best kind of screen delivery. With the due course of time it has added more advanced feature such as adaptive bit rate(ABR)streaming, time shifted playback and digital rights protection to upgrade the product further and the conglomerate product of “Wowza Media Server 3” has been upgraded to more recent and standardized version “Wowza Media Server 3.5” with more add on features.


Wowza Media Server 3.5 is the high-performance, high-value unified streaming media and video software for any screen. For live or on-demand streaming to computers, mobile devices and IPTV/OTT endpoints, the Wowza® platform delivers superior features, benefits and functionality. The product is extremely doing well in terms of live streaming, with no further encoding required for delivering on any kind of screen whether it is live television screen or computer screen or your mobile tablet screen.

It is highly compatible with all kind of media technology and the add on feature of this software comprising wowza transcoder allows overlaying static as well as dynamic images on the top of video makes the viewing more attractive and enables advertising, titling, watermarking of company’s information or logos, it can also highlight sports/stock sticker. In October 2012 the Wowza transcoder acclaimed with streaming media Europe reader’s choice award for best transcoding solution.

Wowza Addons

Pricing Strategy

With Wowza there are a variety of licensing options that make it easy and affordable to put the industry’s leading media server to work for you. Whether you choose our Daily, Monthly or Perpetual edition, no one else can match the rock-solid dependability, powerful functionality and exceptional value of our any-screen streaming software. The company has competitive pricing policy and provides categorical three license package plan daily, monthly and perpetual, out of which monthly package plan is of the best value.


It has reduced the cost of encoding and buffering, so regarded as the cost effective yet highly standardized media software which is compatible with all kind of media technology and powered to deliver up to 10 Gbps of per server video streaming performance for on demand or live streaming. If you’re looking for cloud computing  for enhancing your website performance then immediately subscribe licenses for Wowza Media Server Software 3.5.
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    Wowza Media Server is one of the finest media servers available on the internet and when it comes at such a good price, anybody interested should go for it. The great thing is that Wowza Media Server supports a lot of devices which makes the total outcome of the streaming a lot better.

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