Top 5 Best Media Players for Playing HD Videos

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Who doesn’t love to watch HD Videos ? We all appreciate the Quality first and after that comes the content. But I’ve seen many trying to play High Definition videos on their respective Media players but stick with distortions and lags. The foremost reason behind this is the absence of a Video Codec (It is a device/software that enables video compression and/or decompression for digital video). As per my view, I recommend KLM (K-Lite Mega) Codec pack which is designed for for playing all of your audio, video and movie files end even several less common formats. It is compatible with all Windows Versions.

Now the main factor is fixed, the HD Resolution ;) Just you need is the best players to carry out the perfect clarity for your videos. I’ve summarized the Top 5 Media players as per my usage and analysis, which I think won’t disappoint you. You’ll enjoy every second of your video with True Picture Quality :) Check out the list below.

VLC Player

Well so far it needs no introduction. It’s one of the most popular media player used by millions of people across the world. A very Light weight  player which plays every format available. It has it’s own built-in codec’s and doesn’t need any external ones but sometimes it fails to play HD formats like Matroska files (.mkv) So for these formats an external codec is needed ! The most exciting feature of this player is that volume can be increased upto 400%. You can also add effects to your videos like Wave Effect, Motion Detect, Noise, Motion blur etc. through it’s Advanced settings. It is supported in many operating systems.

Hot Keys of VLC Player

Full screen - f/Double click
Leave Fullscreen - Esc/Double click
Change Audio Language - B
Subtitle Enable/Disable – V
Change Aspect ratio – C
Forward  5 sec – Shift+Right, 10 sec – Alt+Right, 60 sec – Ctrl+Right
Backward 5 sec – Shift+Left, 10 sec - Alt+Left, 60 sec – Ctrl+Left
Increase volume - Ctrl+Up
Decrease volume- Ctrl+Down

KM Player

KM player has got very simple and cool interface.You can set KM player to change its design based on the media type being played. Its Right click menu is really cool it offers all the options like screen controls,aspect ratio and many others just with a right click. Its controls are very easy to use. Video buffering is really good. Plays almost all formats.

Hot Keys of KM PLayer

Full Screen Stretch - 6
full Screen (normal) - 5
Minimize to system Tray – Esc
Forward  5 sec - Right arrow, 30 sec - Ctrl+Right
Backward 5 sec - Left arrow, 30 sec - Ctrl+Left
Increase volume - Up arrow
Decrease volumr - Down arrow

Daum Pot Player

Created by the guy who created KM player. Many features are similar to KM player but it is more cooler and better than the KM player. The BEST thing about it is, its Clean and good looks and Less Resource Hungry (utilizes less system resources) .It has got very easy and smooth controls you can just operate it with your fingertips.Video buffering is fast and good.
It supports almost all the formats available.

Hot Keys of Pot Player

Full Screen stretch - Ctrl+Enter
Full screen (normal) - Enter/Double click
Minimize to system tray – Esc
Forward 5 sec - Right arrow, 30 sec - Ctrl+right
Backward 5 sec - Left arrow, 30 sec Ctrl+left
Increase volume - Up arrow
Decrease volume - Down arrow

GOM Player

A Cool media player with clean interface.Video buffering is really cool and excels at playing damaged or broken video files.It has got a good variety of subtitle Tweaks.Controls are very easy and smooth to use.It is prepacked with codecs to support many formats but still it needs some codecs to be downloaded for some new formats.

Hot Keys of GOM Player

Full Screen Stretch – Ctrl+Enter
Full screen (normal) – Enter
Minimize to system tray – Esc
Forward 10 sec – Right arrow, 60 sec – Ctrl+Right
Backward 10 sec – Left arrow, 60 sec – Ctrl+Left
Increase volume – Up arrow
Decrease volume – Down arrow

SM Player

A simple yet highly functional media player.It was developed as a modification to Mplayer.It supports wide range of formats.It is compatible with many operating systems like windows, linux etc and requires less hardware resources.It has got a nice feature of automatically searching for subtitles that are compatible with given video file and can be downloaded. Video Buffering and controls are cool.

Hot Keys For SM Player

Full screen stretch – 6
Full screen (normal) – F
forward 10 sec – right arrow 60 sec – up arrow
backward 5 sec – left arrow 60 sec – down arrow
Increase volume – 9
Decrease volume – 0

Now it’s up to you to choose which media player will suit your system the best. But before that don’t forget to download and install the Video Codec if you don’t have any.

It’s a must for playing High Quality Videos !

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