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The Samsung Galaxy S3 – What’s All The Fuss About?


Samsung’s latest mobile offering has caused something of a storm in the tech world. Receiving rave reviews from users and tech enthusiasts alike, it has become one of the most talked about devices currently on the market. So what is all the fuss about? Here are some reasons why so many people are queuing up to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Super Stylish

The S3 looks great and is incredibly lightweight with a sleek, curvy design. It also has that big, high-resolution screen (4.8 inches at 720 x 1,280 pixels) that has led people to favor the phone over its leading competition.

Super Charged

This is a phone with heavy weight capabilities thanks to its quad-core processor. This means double the performance of a dual-core processor whilst using 20% less power. For people who want to use their phone as a cutting edge entertainment system, the S3 delivers. 3D gaming, HD movies and super quick internet connection are just some of the main draws.

Staying Switched On

The idea of your phone knowing when you are looking at it might sound a little creepy, but on the S3 this impressive feature is one of the things that sets it apart from similar models. The phone is indeed able to detect when you are looking at it meaning that the display will stay bright for reading without you having to tap at the screen.

The Perfect Photo

Capturing that perfect shot is something that has already been made much easier in recent years thanks to smart phones, but the S3 takes this to a whole new level. Taking eight shots every time you snap, that perfect picture with eyes open and no blurring is sure to be captured. You can then select your favorite from the reel of eight to save to your gallery.

Pop up Play

With the S3 it is possible to inlay a video over another app so that you can watch it while you are texting, emailing or writing a document. This is another unique feature that makes the S3 stand out with its innovative interface.

S Beam

Sharing capabilities are becoming increasingly important when it comes to mobile devices, and the S3 designers have recognized this. By placing two phones back to back it is instantly possible to share pictures, contacts, movies and videos making it easier than ever to share.

This is just a snapshot into why the S3 has caused such a buzz, and there are many more impressive features than just the ones mentioned here. Definitely at the higher end of mobile technology, this is a phone for people who want to spend big and be at the cutting edge.

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