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43 New Emoticons for Facebook Chat to Make You More Cheerful

As you know now-a-days, Facebook is going on introducing new features and metaphors which are really amazing. The Previous Coding Trick with Facebook Graphs was commendable which allowed to Add your Profile Picture as an Emoticon in Facebook Chat. The Default Emoticons in Facebook are also cute and funny from which many of them people don’t know. Well I feel pity on that :D Cos there are now more 43 New Emoticons for Facebook Chat available which are more bigger and jolly than the previous ones!

Smile a lot. It costs Nothing!

Facebook is going better day by day with the roll over of new features. The add-over of the new smileys will create more sensation of the users in communicating through Chat Box. These new yellow tiny tots are more colorful and bigger than the default ones. And they look really funny and cute. Have a look below the codes of the new emoticons :arrow:

Facebook New Smileys












































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  • Manish

    Hi Abhishek,

    Whenever I chat with my best friend on Facebook, I love to use emoticons because with the help of emoticons I can express my feelings in better way. But I was totally unaware that there are more emoticons too, but I came across this post and I was surprised to discover many new emoticons :D. So now whenever I going to chat with my best friend, I will make the use of these emoticons. Thanks so much for sharing a superb stuff.

    • Abhisek Das

      Hey Manish,

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your experience. I’m really glad that I could make you aware of the new emoticons. These tiny yellow fellas really make your chat more cheerful and lively. They can change the moods of your depressed friends due to these cute emoticons. You’re welcome for this ! I will update more if I find them :)

  • Saikrishna

    Wow. Now Facebook chat will be more impressive :)

    • Abhisek Das

      Haha, Yeah :D These yellow bots are really cute and adorable.

  • fb smileys

    on this simple site you can see the original list of fb smileys :)

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  • wizgd

    well you created 43 new profiles??? :P

  • veni

    hey add some more emoticon like flower,punch,baby,pinch,hug

  • Kuldeep

    These emoticons are really interesting. Will definitely make Facebook chatting a lot more interesting. Thanks for sharing, bro. :-)

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