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5 Killer Computer Optimization Tips to Increase Blog Speed

Tips to Increase Blog Speed

How to increase Blog Speed ? Have you tried all,so as you could to speed up your blog’s load time? You’re not alone. Thousands of bloggers struggle every day to enhance the speed of their blogs and engage readers. The truth is, your blog cannot experience any significant growth if it’s slow. In the same vein, Google and other search engines love web pages that load quickly.

I know you must have read about using plugins to increase your speed. You know all those stuffs but that’s not what I’m here for. My goal in this post is to show you the little known ways to boost and optimize your computer and thereby increase your browser speed and performance. This will help you to increase blog speed and have a healthier and faster blogging, cos blogging is not done as in slow motion computer with a dead speed. The more faster and responsive your computer will be, the more comfortable your blogging can be! ;)

1. Download Software You Trust

The internet is a helpful resource. But that’s the BIG Problem. If you’re not careful, you may end up downloading junks and unscrupulous software and scripts into your hard drive. Ensure you trust the merchant before clicking the download button. Don’t be tempted by the word “free”. Nothing is ever free on the internet and if you haven’t realized it yet, you will definitely pay for free stuffs either with your time or precious resources.

Tips to Increase Blog Speed

When I say “software,” I’m referring to anti-virus, spywares, plugins, themes and other add-on applications. Stay away from them and your PC and blog speed would boom. Mostly people use cracked or patched version of Antivirus and Internet Securities. Guys atleast you can spend a few hundred bucks for a good antivirus. Security can’t be given for free. In order to get full protection purchase a licensed antivirus. Don’t always go with free applications and software’s as they have got some really killing guests for your system. :D


2. Clear Your “Temp” Files

Do you know that installing new scripts and software stores some temporary files on your hard drive? If you partitioned your hard drive, check the “Local C” directory and you’ll locate the temporary files. The system temporary files are stored at C:\Windows\Temp and your temporary internet files (Thumbnails, JS, Bin Files, Docs and Logs) are stored on this location : C:\Users\Abhisek\AppData\Local\Temp  where Abhisek is your system’s username. Or else you can move to the same location by pressing Win+R to launch the Run Command and type there temp for the first location and %temp% for the second one.

Tips to Increase Blog Speed

These files are scraps; they’re not useful to your computer. The important items have already been used and running smoothly on your computer. Temporary files have a way of obstructing your system’s performance. It hinders your window icons from loading quickly and this infects your blog. If you’re yet to clear your ‘temp’ files, do so today and see the difference it would make.


3. Reduce Banner Advertising

Are you an Affiliate marketer ? Off course you should be if you want to earn extra income. It’s truly a great way to get started online in this “make money business” before creating your own information product. All the newbies are in a craze of earning a lot of grands from the initial stage so they move into a lot of Affiliate Networks and put up the Banners and the Affiliate Codes every where on the homepage.

Tips to Increase Blog Speed

Nevertheless, affiliate tools like e-book covers and banners slow down your blog. You may not understand how this actually obstructs your blog, but try and reduce the number of banners on your sidebar. If you’ve 3 large banners (e.g. 250 x 250), why not remove two and use texts and links instead ? More Affiliate banners doesn’t mean thousands of monthly commission. So, get your priorities right.


4. Empty Recycle Bin

Isn’t it unfortunate how people neglect this particular one? Every day, we delete folders, files, images, directories, software, script and icons. Where do you think they’re stored? On the recycle bin off course!

Tips to Increase Blog Speed

Have you emptied your recycle bin lately?

It’s time to open that waste bin, check and see how many documents you’ve in it. This alone hinders your computer from running smoothly and until your PC is fast, your browser cannot extract web pages and interpret them quickly. So, get started today and if you still need that important document that was deleted by mistake, don’t forget to ‘restore’ them.


5. Remove Unused WordPress Plugins

If you’re a wordpress user, you know how much plugins and applications we enjoy. 95% of these add-ons are free and that’s why we can install hundreds which we do not need. The only ones you should care about are the core ones that do the work of SEO, image optimization, rotate ads, build internal link, secure your blog, blog promotions etc. Are there unused plugins in your WordPress database? It’s time to free up your space and increase your load-time.

Tips to Increase Blog Speed


Marketing Takeaway

I decided to share these tips when I discovered how slow some blogs are. It was of recent that my blog’s speed increased and the above tips were my guiding factors. Read through once more, get soaked in it and take action today. See you ahead doing a profitable more faster blogging! Cheers ;)

Guest post by Hursh. He’s one of my Close Friend and has some awesome blogging skills. He also writes on Android Tutorials, Windows tips and Gaming at his blog Teckilla. Images are created by Abhisek Das. Description elaborated for more user convenience.
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  • Hursh @ Teckilla

    Above tricks works always better for me. Hope it will work same for you . Do try it once :)

    • Abhisek Das

      The above mentioned tips are indeed really helpful. Once can have a healthier blogging only if his/her computer is performing well.

  • sailal

    good one bro but one request you shared tips about wordpress if you share some tips about blogger blogs also its so helpful

    • Abhisek Das

      Hello Sailal,
      I’m writing a post about Bloggers Blog too. You will soon fin it live on the blog. As many users requested to share tips about Blogger, so I would now focusing on the content for Blogger Users!

  • Jafar@TraceTricks

    I always follow them all by the way thanks for nice share :)
    Your articles always rock :)

    • Abhisek Das

      Thanks for dropping by Jafar! Glad to know that you care for your computer and optimize it timely :)

    • Abhisek Das

      Appreciate it. Thank you Jafar for your words and dropping by! :)

  • Saurabh@vinfotech

    This post is a great help to me and I will keep use of it. I am a newbie blogger so this is something knowledgeable for me.

    • Abhisek Das

      Hello Saurabh,

      I am very sure that this will help you for learning something about blog’s performance and endurance. It is very much essential that your blog should gain a speed and have a easy navigation!

    • Abhisek Das

      Hey Saurabh,
      I would like to welcome you to the Blog-o-sphere. You can follow all our Blogging Guides to give a good start up to your blog.

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