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How to Carve a Niche for Your Website with Great Images

Do you post informative articles to your esteemed website on regular basis and yet fail to increase the traffic? The worse part is that even though you stick to all sorts of optimization techniques, yet you are not getting desired results much to your dismay. If yes, then do not worry as it is not going to work wonders until the informative and sophisticated article is devoid of images. After all, images are the crux of an article and it will be devoid of much needed sheen in its absence and there is no better place to get them than Depositphotos.

In such an age of intense competition, you need to be the best in order to be ahead of the rest. Hence, besides the pictures, content equally needs to be highly credible, relevant as well as search engine optimized. Since, both of them compliment each other and help towards carving a niche for your prized matter.. According to a saying, pictures speak louder than words and this old saying holds very much true in today’s context as well.

Depositphotos make the content even more coveted than ever before!

The craze to be a prized witness to the updated and informative content along with extremely relevant and complete pictures surely matters a lot. It gives way more weight age to your whole matter like never before. Hence, you feel blessed to be a proud owner of such an informative article which can be termed as “complete” in real sense.

On the same context, it is also important to understand the relevance and importance of images.

  1. There have been studies which have unearthed the fact that the articles get significantly more total views in the presence of images.
  2. If your press release has a photo or video, then it attracts increasing numbers of readers and their percentage gain is over 45%.
  3. The importance of images indeed manifolds as a whopping 60% of consumers go for a business where the images and pictures are highlighted prominently in your local search results.
  4. 67% Customers regarded the Product picture to be extremely important while making a purchase.
  5. The online world has indeed gathered endless and everlasting craze. Here, the quality of the product image is highly important as you cannot overlook such an important aspect in any way. The importance of image can be gauged from the fact that it holds even more weightage than product-specific information, description along with ratings and reviews.

As you have understood the exemplary importance of images, you need to equally know as to where images are supposed to be placed:-

  1. It is equally important that the article should compliment the text and image together, or else the article will loose its meaning. For example, if you article concentrates on health care products, then including the image of a Laptop will loosen the authenticity of the article. Hence, the images and the text should compliment each other.
  2. Images equally need to be royalty free ones as this will save you from falling in any sort of legal complications. There is no dearth of websites, like Depositphotos where you can buy royalty-free images at a reasonable price. Even if you find it out of your budget, you can take advantage of their Program For Bloggers.
  3. You should avoid the usage of large images as they make your website run heavy. Hence, stick to small images which are equally synonymous with great punch lines. Since, they will not only result in loading quickly, but you will equally be able to attract visitors as well.
  4. You can start with various alignments and this will help you in positioning the images. It will give you lots of variations in your website as well.

Finally, after reading the aforesaid article, we come to know images act as the backbone and in its absence the article will indeed crumble like pack of cards. Hence, include images in a proper way and derive increasing traffic like never before. So what are you waiting for?
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  • Dan

    I have no doubt that people want to read less text and only want to see images and videos. Its unfortunate as Google loves lots of text but the viewer doesn’t. You can’t please everyone. It used to be content is king and know its images are king!

  • http://mixinfospot nadeem

    Abhisek you are right but as Dan said that google love to have text but readers dont so what to do in that case.
    no doubt your idea is great but in such conditions what would be the appropriate method ?

  • venkat

    yes Das,
    you were correct,
    but the thing is that google need more text than images or videos
    so their is no other way,
    we should go with text.

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